Project Free TV is a free streaming site with a huge database full of movies and series in good quality. PFTV is choosed by millions of people who are visiting this site to get free access to all these movies and shows which means it is currently one of the most popular streaming sites in the world with more than 10 years of experience in the online streaming industry. Initially it started like a small tv series website which occasionally updated its database with new content and nothing too professional about it. Things were moving slowly in the beginning until the first tens of thousands of visitors accessed our website and then we seen the potential of ProjectFreeTV and started to work harder than ever, add new movies and series everyday, updated every part of the website and eventually it became very popular worldwide.

ProjectFreeTV is not using the old design anymore. We know that many of you were used to it but it was old-fashioned and almost impossible to adapt and make it mobile responsive and so on so we had to replace it with a new and modern one. The most beloved function of the old website, the calendar section, has been preserved somewhat on the new design theme and we hope it will help you to find the latest episodes more easy. As you are used to, on ProjectFreeTV we are always updating our database everyday with the newest movies and series so you can be the first one of your friends who watches them. Another good reason to stay tuned to this streaming platform.

At the moment, the collection of PFTV includes around 15.000 movies and 60.000 episodes extracted from 2000 tv shows. These are really huge numbers and it took us years to achieve this but it was worth it. Now our millions of fans have free access to a variety of content. Movies from all genres and years, all kinds of tv series, all of them available only on one site. We are really focused on the quality of our video materials and that's why all the movies and episodes published on Project Free TV benefit of HD and Full HD quality. There is only one exception, namely the latest released movies which are available in CAM quality for a few days until the HD version is released. In our latest update we have added English subtitles on all the movies and shows which were dubbed in other languages so now everyone understands them.

As you can observe, there are some ads on Project Free TV that sometimes jump out and you have to close them. We know it's very annoying when this happens and we are really sorry for this inconvenience. Sites like PFTV are not allowed to host movies and series on their own servers and that's why we are forced to take the video files from non-affiliate third parties that are doing this job on their own risk. We depend of the files that they provide and in the same time we don't have any control over their advertising level. We are working hard everyday to find a solution that would allow us to stream movies and series without advertising and we promise you that we will do so as soon as possible. Until then, a very effective solution to get rid of all the ads that are bothering you is to install and use an adblocker, browser extension, that will make your browsing experience more smooth and ad-free on streaming sites and not only. ProjectFreeTV is a completely free website that will never ask you anything in return for our streaming services and the only way you can support us is to bookmark the site so you can visit us faster next time and to share it on your social media accounts so more people will discover it and will spread the word about the best streaming platform.